Welcome to the blog of the YMA Fashion Scholarship Fund and its members, educators, influencers, and most importantly, scholars – a.k.a. The Future of Fashion.

The FOF blog is dedicated to you! Your interests, accomplishments, comments and questions as you enter the fashion industry.

Here, you will find everything from advice on starting your first day at your new internship to exciting upcoming events in New York City and locally to interviews with current and former scholars who are paving their path in the fashion industry.

We encourage you to be an active part of this FSF online destination and to keep us in the loop on where you are and what you’re doing, send us photos, videos and posts, and ask us questions on anything like, “what are the best places to go when I’m interning in New York City?” to “how do I write a cover letter?”

So take a moment to read some posts, voice your thoughts and opinions, share your favorites with friends on Facebook and  Twitter, and don’t forget to subscribe to receive updates on what’s new on the FOF Blog!


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