Through the Looking Glass: A Day in the Life of Diane Von Furstenburg

“Celebrated fashion designer Diane von Furstenberg tried on Glass for the first time a few months ago at a conference that she attended with Sergey Brin. She immediately loved it and they agreed to bring Glass to New York Fashion Week. Diane is a champion for innovation and effortless design, so it’s unsurprising that Glass fit seamlessly into her production. In the week leading up to her Spring 2013 show in New York, and during the show itself, everyone from stylists and models to Diane herself used Glass to capture never-before-seen footage of the creative process. This is the first time any video has been shot entirely through Glass and we’re so excited to be able to share it with you.” – Google, +projectglass

“Buy a pair of these ultralight beauties and you’ll be able to update your Twitter feed or find a place to eat without digging in a handbag for your iPhone. Just be careful of what you wear with them, ” says Diane. Thinking of buying a pair? Here are a few fashion tips from our friends at Forbes for sporting Glass:

Bright colors. Browns, olives, maroons, and earth tones won’t look right with the vibrant palette of the rims.

Black. Black goes with everything. It’s practical, modern, sleek and chic.

Clean lines. Again, see the DVF Spring 2013 runway show. Note the simple draping and cinching on the dresses. These glasses are designed to look light and clean. The clothing should match that sentiment.

High boots or high heels. Make sure they’re tight, not slouchy, around the ankle and calf. Keep things structured with these glasses. Don’t do anything with stitching or a clunky heel.


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