Breakfast with the Boss Ken Moynihan, Director of Sales & Planning Tommy Hilfiger F&T Apparel. Thursday July 12

Ken Shares his Top Ten Success Tips with our 2012 Summer Interns:

1. “Your success comes from someone else’s expertise.”

2. “Don’t put yourself in a box.”

3. “Develop strategies to maximize profits.”

4. “A successful buyer always has a good planner behind him/her.”

5. “Master the details but step back to look at the big picture.”

6. “Planners are the voice of reality. They tend to pull back to control the checkbook.”

7. “There’s a story behind every number. Find the story and communicate it to someone.”

8. “If someone comes to you with a question, never say, “That’s not my job.’ Make it your job to find a way to help someone.”

9. “Listen and watch.” As you enter into this industry. This is your time to learn.”

10. “Speak up when your statements are factual and you’re confident.”


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