College Fashionista @ Teen Vogue Fashion U.

CollegeFashionista founder Amy Levin hosted a seminar at the Teen Fashion Vogue U. program on Friday in NYC! Read more about Amy below…

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Amy Levin

Amy Levin has always been fascinated by the style of the everyday celebrity: her peers! While traveling the globe, studying abroad in London and interning in Los Angeles and Chicago, Amy saw how fashion was evolving. The sidewalk was quickly being transformed into the latest version of the runway. The new age models were real individuals with unique voices and perspectives on style.

Upon arriving back on campus for her senior year at Indiana University, Amy realized that the newest fashion influencers were more accessible than ever. The latest fashion visionaries were her classmates. Whether they splatter painted their biology lab coats or came to lecture in that season’s must have boots, Amy wanted to give a voice to this current era of trendsetters. Her concept—give college students a medium through which their cunning eyes for the latest college fashion trends can be showcased and give them the ability to administer advice on how to adapt it to student life. And so, CollegeFashionista was born.

What started as a fun project from her college bedroom has turned Amy into an online media entrepreneur. Now showcasing 200 colleges and universities across the country and abroad, Amy continues to expand her brand by bringing college fashion to the forefront of the blogging world.


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