Irene Neuwirth jewelry + Marc Fornes /THEVERYMANY

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Friday, September 30

Designer Irene Neuwirth, whose bold creations have rendered her a favorite among jewelry lovers worldwide, paired up with Marc Fornes / THEVERYMANY in a BOFFO collaboration.  BOFFO is an arts and culture nonprofit  who last year created Richard Chai’s ice age pop-up.  Neuwirth’s pop-up(57 Walker Street), will be open until Oct. 12.

Carmen Lam of This Little City Magazine talked with the designer about her fall line:

Can talk about your collection, the Fall 2011 line.

I come out with two collections a year. Everything’s from 18 karat gold: yellow and rose gold mostly, and a little bit of white. I have all the stones cut in India and in Germany. I buy the rocks and they’re sent overseas to Los Angeles to where I live. I started 10 years ago; Barneys was my first account. We started selling at Holts for about two, three years I think. And it’s been really successful.

What kind of stones do you use?

I use unusual stones you can’t find everywhere, like this green stone is an African stone called chrysophase. And the minty one is mint chrysophase that’s actually mined in Brazil. I use a lot of pink opal and onyx, but try to mix it in a refined way.

If there’s one piece of jewellery women should invest in, which would it be?

I think the 34-inch long chains; they’re great for layering or doubling up. You can wear it with anything you already have. You can wrap it around your wrist; I think it’s very versatile.


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