: Designer Spotlight – FSF Scholar Ninh Nguyen

Rapidly ascending menswear designer, Ninh Nguyen, was born and raised in Paris before moving to Texas, where he got his bachelor’s degree in both psychology and biology. He then moved to New York City to attend FIT, where he received two scholarships. A friend of Angel Yang, Minneapolites may recognize Ninh’s work from the Secrets Fashion Agency show in last April’s Minnesota Fashion Week. I met with Ninh over a beer in Little Italy. He is meticulously thought out with a sharp knowledge of how to navigate, what can be, the most tumultuous of industries. A few days after our interview, I visited Ninh’s studio with photographer Melissa Goldman, who shot the designer in his element. Needless to say, Ninh Nguyen is here to stay.

JM: You are someone who has lived, traveled and studied in very different parts of the world. How has your global perspective influenced your design?

Ninh: I get a lot of the inspiration from silhouettes in Paris and London, then being Vietnamese I also get influence from the Asian Market… Korean Fashion and Japanese Rock Stars. Also, having studied biology gives me a unique perspective on the human anatomy and even my studies in Psychology have also been useful in designing clothes.  Knowledge is power and I’ve used everything to my advantage.

JM: What was the process like in creating your last New York Fashion Week Show?

Ninh: It was my biggest accomplishment yet… but it was a headache. On my team I had stylist Michael Fisher, Tony Long, who works at a New York modeling agency, and my brother Duc, a photographer. This was the dream team. It was a long process and it was a good experience. A lot of a bloggers came and loved the clothes. It’s all about networking, it’s all about people coming and taking pictures [and] posting them up on their websites.

JM: Tell me about your next collection?

Ninh: The theme of my S/S 2012 collection is Nautical. It’s Sailors and the Navy.

JM: Have you thought about any creative ways of how you’d like to see this new  collection presented?

Ninh: I’m actually looking to collaborate with a jewelry designer, Cat Varga, that I worked with for my first show. I’m going to see if she can create necklaces and rings to compliment the nautical theme with something like an anchor, an octopus, or a ship… stuff like that. I’m not too sure of the venue for the show yet.  Right now I’m mostly focused on finishing the samples.

JM: Any advice for our readers on dressing their best?

Ninh: The thing about me is I don’t really believe in trends. Trends are meant to die. I feel that if you love fashion you should have your own style. It’s okay to be trendy, but combine it with vintage clothes.  It’s not about the brands, it about how you dress. If you think you look good, then you’re fine. People will judge no matter what, so just wear what you want.  Fashion can be bought, but style is something one must possess.

JM: I like that you said that, because at MPLSTYLE we shoot a lot of men, but we never post brand names or prices. We just want our readers to enjoy the way people have put outfits together as opposed to the dollar value of creating a look.

Ninh: I don’t have anything against people who wear a $500 shirt and a $3,000 fur coat, but it’s about how you wear it. It’s all about confidence and it’s… about fit.


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  1. Brad says:

    Ninh is so awesome, as is that site: So much good content!

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