2010 FSF Scholar Tracey Li: Urban Outfitters Design Contest

Tracey Li, Pratt student and 2010 FSF Scholar, participated in UO’s contest to design a dress available at Urban Outfitters this fall.  Read on to hear what Tracey has to say about internship experience, getting inspired, and letting the creativity flow!

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 What inspired you to pursue fashion as a career?

I’m a very hands-on person and I have always liked producing art.  So I thought studying fashion would be a good idea, since it’s basically creating art on the human form with my hands.

Where do you draw inspiration from as a designer?

From nature and elements of math as well as just walking around NYC.

Have you done any internships? How have those experiences helped you thus far? 

I’ve interned at Adrienne’s Bridal, DMA tradeshow company, Gina DeSilva and Kenneth Cole Productions (thanks to FSF).  All these internships showed me how differently small, large and emerging companies worked.  It’s just great to be exposed to different aspects of the fashion industry and gaining experiences that I wouldn’t have gained in my classes.

How did it feel when you heard you would be designing a dress that could be sold in UO?

The thought of being able to walk into an UO and seeing my dress being sold sounded pretty exciting and an opportunity I couldn’t pass up!

What was your inspiration for this dress? 

UO told us about their labels and targeted customers that we can design for.  I picked their “Silence & Noise” girl who is edgy, modern, sexy and daring.  I kept that customer in mind and designed a dress that played with negative, geometric shapes inspired by a picture of cable wires.

What was your biggest challenge designing a dress for UO? 

The starting point was the hardest part for me – when we had to come up with multiple designs for UO to choose from.

How did it feel to have your work reviewed by buyers from such a prominent company and what did you learn? 

I felt honored and nervous at the same time speaking in front of such important people.  I learned that presentations in the real world go much quicker than presentations in school.  Everyone has about 2-3 minutes to sell their dress and people go right after each other with little to no commentary in between.

What do you hope to be doing / where do you hope to be working after graduation?

It would be great if I can be an assistant women’s wear designer.  No company in particular, but hopefully somewhere in the city, because I like this place too much to leave!

One Response to “2010 FSF Scholar Tracey Li: Urban Outfitters Design Contest”
  1. Jenelle says:

    I want the dress Tracey Li designed for Urban Outfitters! It is beautiful! Love, love, love it! Love her designs, I am a fan!

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