Breakfast with the Boss July 20: Michael Setola, President & CEO Greg Norman Collection

Michael Setola, President and CEO of Greg Norman Collection, hosted a Breakfast with the Boss on July 20.

Mr. Setola encouraged scholars to gain experience in a diversity of departments ranging from Design to IT and Planning.  “The fashion industry is dynamic and fast paced,” he remarked.   Understanding how all components of a company function together is key.

“Because Mr. Setola stressed being well rounded in all aspects that relate to the business, I am really inspired to go out and learn more about the financial side of fashion. Not only was he very honest in his answers to us, but he was realistic. The whole meeting was extremely thorough, organized, and motivating.” -Erin Goodman (Tommy Hilfiger)

“Even though I am a fashion design major, Mr. Setola inspired me to apply for some Buying and Merchandising internships this fall.  I always felt that I couldn’t apply for something like that, but his viewpoint that one should know many aspects of a company as opposed to just his or her role within the company changed the entire way I see the fashion industry and it made me want to learn as much as possible about every area.  I’m really happy I attended.” – Danielle Ryan (Macy’s)


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