Breakfast with the Boss July 13: Michael Balmuth, CEO Ross Stores

Michael Balmuth, CEO of Ross Stores, hosted a Breakfast with the Boss on July 13.

Discussion included the role of e-commerce in the fashion world, developing a product with mass market appeal, and the value of maintaining business relationships.  Mr. Balmuth also discussed the importance of empowering people to do their jobs and accepting that mistakes are a natural part of learning and advancing in any position.  He also underscored the importance of finding fun and enjoyment in one’s career.

“Mr. Balmuth has a History undergraduate degree and  Health Administration graduate degree; it seems like his strengths in managing people and getting people excited about the company carried over when he switched career paths into retail.  It is very easy to get lost in the product, but the people are really what makes it all happen. It’s something I can definitely bring back to my University in the fall when we begin talking about the YMA FSF and getting many more students involved for 2012!”  -Kayleigh Harrington, U.Virginia, Intern LF USA / Rachel Zoe

“The highlight of the Breakfast was hearing from the YMA FSF scholars about their experience with the organization and how beneficial it has been towards their career.  Our mission at CollegeFashionista is always to empower students, and it seems The YMA FSF has done an excellent job in empowering all these intelligent students.” – Amy Levin, Founder


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