Tips for the First Day at a New Internship

By Blaire Rabenhorst, Visual Merchandiser and Stylist at Rent the Runway

1. Have your most stylish outfit picked out and ready for you to put on in the morning. First impression is everything (especially at a fashion company).

2. Be early for your first day. Showing up 10 minutes early to get settled and start training is always a good way to start your new internship.

3. Go above and beyond. Arrive early, stay late.

4. Do what you’re told. You are going to make those coffee runs, throw out the trash, clean the file cabinet out, and organize that wardrobe closet. Put in your time and you’ll be rewarded in the end.

5. Bring a pair of flats for you to change out of after a long day of running around in your five-inch heels.

6. Ask questions, be interested and give your opinion when appropriate. Show your hard-working, dedicated self is willing to do what it takes.

7. Bring a snack. You might be running around crazed all day. Have that granola bar to give you a boost of energy.

8. Also, bring a notebook and pen to take notes.

9. Cooperate with everyone in the office, and show that you appreciate being there.

10. Thank your boss for a great first day, and tell him or her that you look forward to fun and exciting projects to come.


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