Fashion Week Recap with Tony Wang

Say hello to fashion enthusiast, blogger and Wharton senior Tony Wang, who also just so happens to be a FSF scholar and a 2011 Geoffrey Beene $25K National Scholarship award winner. With amateur beginnings using blogging to express himself and his opinions on fashion, Tony is now a staple at Fashion Week, a frequently called upon consultant to fashion brands like BCBGeneration, and making headlines in national publications like Seventeen Magazine. He has quickly become an internet sensation with his lucrative blog,, not to mention he’s been bumping elbows with the likes of Vogue‘s Grace Coddington and Cathy Horyn or The New York Times. We at the fledgling FOF blog had the unique opportunity to catch up with Tony after his hectic and exciting experience at Fashion Week. And we must say, after getting an earful about his VIP encounters, front row seats and “underground hipster club” after-parties, we were a bit jealous…

FOF: Tell us about your New York Fashion Week highlights. Was there a most memorable moment?

TW: I definitely think that while one of my favorite moments was being a speaker at the IFB Evolving Influence Conference, one of Fashion Week’s most popular conferences, getting a photo with Grace Coddington of Vogue US and Cathy Horyn of The New York Times is the highlight of this season!

FOF: What was your favorite show or presentation?

TW: WAYNE’s collection was my favorite by far. While I had so many shows I just loved, her modern cuts, simplistic elegance, and historical inspiration really awed me. I would actually wear many pieces from the collection, and that balance of aesthetic appeal and commercial viability always impresses me!

FOF: What runway looks, trends, textures and colors did you like the most? Which do you think will translate best from runway to the streets as the new trends for fall?

TW: Everyone is saying orange is the new color of the season – from Alexander McQueen to Christopher Kane to Celine – but I have never been a huge fan of trends. Trends assume a certain degree of directional focus on a particular element of design. However, designers are independent auteurs.

FOF: What is it like blogging from New York Fashion Week?

TW: It’s a real job! You should have seen my schedule; I was literally booked everyday from 9 a.m. to midnight. I even had two after-parties everyday. It’s definitely exhausting, but I always find myself loving it! During Fashion Week I am tweeting 24/7 and I constantly write original comments and respond to replies.

FOF: Tell me about the other bloggers. Are you all friends or is it competitive?

TW: For the most part, we’re very cordial and some of my best friends in fashion are bloggers I’ve met on the job. It’s a very amiable environment for me.

FOF: Any celebrity, model, designer or editor encounters that left you starstruck?

TW: I must say, getting Grace Coddington to agree to take a photo with me was enough to leave me starstruck. I’m much more about meeting fashion idols and figures than pop culture figures. My admiration is reserved much more for those in the industry.

FOF: More importantly, tell us about the parties. We know you were at them, and now we want to live vicariously through you…

TW: Oh my gosh! So many parties. The Timo Weiland and Rebecca Minkoff parties were amazing. I think my favorite were the parties that Milk hosted on their top floor. The drinks were so cleverly thought out and the decoration was beyond amazing. It was like a hipster underground club – there was a giant stuffed lion, an old NES game system and mural art on the walls.

FOF: So tell us, what inspired you to start blogging about fashion?

TW: I was inspired to blog after I started making clothing for fun. Blogging was a way for me to express my thoughts about fashion in a quick and instantaneous way. I wasn’t very serious at first. I remember my first post was about scarves and how much I loved wearing them. I’m so glad I deleted that post because it definitely would not stand up in the editorial value department nowadays.

FOF: Describe your rise as a blogger. When did people start to take notice?

TW: I originally focused on finding new designers on sites like FTape, Facebook and Not Just a Label and publishing their freelance works or graduate collection on my blog. It wasn’t until Gilt Groupe found me a year and couple months ago and invited me to get dinner with them that I realized my blog had real potential. They told me they love the blog and encouraged me to continue being in contact with them. From there, Seventeen Magazine featured my blog and it was a viral chain of great events since then!

FOF: Do you remember the first runway show you blogged at? What was it like?

TW: The first ever runway show I blogged at was actually Sally LaPointe when she started in Philly Fashion Week. Back then, I thought I had reached the top, never even imagining that New York Fashion Week was possible. Compared to New York Fashion Week and Sally’s current shows, the first show obviously pales in comparison. But in my mind, it was the most amazing show of my life. My first New York Fashion Week show was Project Runway Season 7. I actually was asked to sit front row and you can even see my feet in the TV show! I can’t even begin to express my feelings of elation at that moment!

FOF: What a great experience! So we’re dying to know… what type of content can we look forward to seeing on your blog in the future?

TW: I’m working on a special project with a major Italian fashion brand. I’ll be blogging about it next week during Milan Fashion Week. Hopefully this will grow into a relationship that will let me generate more exciting insider news content for the blog. Stay tuned!

FOF: Sounds like you have so many exciting things going for you. What’s next?

TW: I am hoping to eventually pair with an emerging designer or launch my own label – still haven’t lost that dream I started with my high school senior year. But I’m thinking I”ll spend some time on the corporate side at either a business firm or fashion brand before going down the entrepreneurial path. However, I’m always changing aspirations, and I can definitely see myself working at a major fashion brand or retailer. No matter what, I want to stay connected with fashion, help aspiring bloggers and designers, and be able to make a positive impact on the industry.



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